1. Civil Litigation

•  Land and property matters
•  Succession, estate management, partition
•  Commercial disputes
•  Disputes relating to employment

2. Criminal Litigation

•  White collar crime and economic offences
•  Cyber crime and cyber security

3. Matrimonial Disputes and Family Law
4. Aspects Related to Company Law
5. Aspects Related to Securities Law (SEBI)

Advisory and Consulting

We understand the effort taken by our clients to carve out a profitable transaction and also the stakes involved in it.

We believe that discussions advice and consultations before execution of any transactions; carving out a strategy for the transactions and research definitely help to execute the transaction with less hurdles.

A Right advise before any transaction and consultation during the transaction are also the services which we cater to our clients.

Contracts and Transaction Support

We understand that Contracts and Agreements form a major role in negotiating and executing any commercial transaction and a well drafted documents does avoid future complexities.

Our team tries to understand the nature of the transaction, the specifics of our client and his requirement and accordingly we apply the legal provisions to suit our client’s needs.

Further we also provide services to support, execute and implement the transaction our client is interested into to carve out a profitable deal for our client.